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Make your own Mocktail

Make your own Mocktail

Dietary Information:

Create your own Mocktail recipe online. Then earn royalties on every sale of your Mocktail recipe in the future.

Our Frazy bartender will mix your ingredients, add the required water contents and stir or shake your fabulous drink. We will then ship it to your door in our Frazy frozen cups.

Perfect for parties or just to treat yourself.

Once your recipe is created our team will review it and publish it under Community Recipes. You will then earn $1 in Frazy credits whenever someone orders your Mocktail recipe from our store.

How it works?

Choose as many or as little ingredients from below and select your desired amount of each ingredient. Add your name and leave it to our bartender to do the rest.

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Community Mocktails

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Our partner cafes, boba shops and beverage artists will prepare your drinks based on your customizations. We will then ship them to you in our frozen Frazy cups. For community mocktails you will get your royalties start of every month for all the sold items with your Mocktail name.

How do I store/use Frazy drinks?

Keep the Frazy frozen cups in your freezer as soon as you receive them. Simply thaw the Frazy cups in your fridge or microwave whenever you want to enjoy your drinks. The Frazy cups are both freezer safe and microwave safe, so it's safe to microwave the cups to thaw it quickly or heat the cup to enjoy the drink hot.

How do I prepare the Boba drinks?

The Boba Teas are already custom-made for you by our partner boba shops. So, they are ready to drink. We ship tapioca pearls and other toppings in separate pouches. Once you thaw your Boba drink, simply microwave the Tapioca pearls for a few seconds and add them to your drink. You can add the jellies directly to the drink.

What is included in the package?

Your frozen Frazy cups will be personalized with your name, the drink name and your customizations and all of your cups will be neatly packed in a secure cold-chain box. The box will have enough dry ice and cold packs and will be shipped on a 2-day delivery so you'll receive your drinks frozen. 

We will also send you matching straws and Tapioca pearls with your Boba drinks. If you add additional Jellies they will also be included in the box.