What types of beverages do you offer? 

Currently we offer Coffee, Tea, Boba, and Mocktails, and have over 150+ selections, that you can further customize to your taste.

Who makes the Frazy drinks?

Real bars, cafes and boba specialty shops make your drink, one at a time.  We flash freeze the drinks to capture the freshness, and ship it directly to you

What kind of customizations can I make to my drinks?

We offer different types of customizations, based on the specific drink you are ordering.  When ordering coffee drinks you have a selection of milk types, and while ordering Boba drinks you will be 

How do I prepare and drink a hot Frazy drink? 

There’s nothing to prepare.  Just remove from the freezer, peel the lid, and heat in the microwave or stovetop, heat to your preferred temperature, stir, sit back and enjoy. 

How do I prepare and drink a cold/chilled Frazy drink? 

There’s nothing to prepare.  Just remove from the freezer, and thaw.  We recommend placing the Frazy cup near the bottom of the fridge (takes about 6-8 hours to thaw), or place the cup in the microwave and defrost at the “drink” setting for 3-4 minutes (varies by appliance), stir, sit back and enjoy.

Are your Frazy cups recyclable? 

Yes, they are.  Don’t forget to responsibly recycle your Frazy cups, once you are done enjoying your beverage.

How are the customized drinks shipped to me? 

We use our proprietary flash freezing technology to transform the drinks made by our partner cafes and bars according to your customizations. The frozen Frazy cups are then packaged and delivered to you in a safe cold chain packaging box. Simply store the Frazy cups in your freezer and drink at your convenience.

Will the drinks stay frozen when I receive them?

We ship your frozen Frazy packs in a box that is properly insulated and is packed with enough dry ice and iced gel packs to keep the Frazy cups frozen to an optimal food safety temperature for over 48 hrs. We strongly recommend keeping the Frazy cups in your freezer as soon as you receive them.

How do I handle the frozen drinks in my shipment?

Your drinks will arrive frozen. It’s okay and normal if the cooler is not frozen as long as the drinks are under 40 degrees. Move them to your freezer until you are ready to drink. For best results, store your drink cups in the back of the freezer where it will stay nice and cold. Then, enjoy!

Does your shipping package contain dry ice?  

Yes, we package the Frazy cups with dry ice and iced gel packs, but the dry ice are securely placed below the cups to avoid any direct contact. However, we recommend our customers to be careful while opening their boxes.

Do you ship anywhere in the US?  

Yes, currently we ship to anywhere in the US.

Is there a minimum order requirement?  

There is no minimum order requirement but if you buy $20 or more in order value, you'll be eligible for free shipping.

When will I get tracking for my order?  

You will receive your tracking once the package is getting ready to leave our facility. Tracking emails are deployed around 4 pm PST daily. 

How long before I receive my order?  

Your delivery date will depend upon what day & time you placed your order, what's included and where you're shipping to.You will see your estimated delivery date during checkout. 

Please note that we only ship Tuesdays thru Thursdays for Next day (48 hours) delivery.  For local deliveries (50 mile radius of San Jose CA), we may choose to deliver by courier, and will notify you accordingly.

Are your drinks made of natural ingredients and free of artificial flavors? 

We are working with our drink suppliers to use the best quality, freshest and most natural ingredients possible.  Frazy strives to provide you with a natural & delicious lifestyle experience with our drinks

Do you have nutritional information for your flavors? 

Your Frazy drinks are customized to your individual tastes, and nutritionals vary with each selection.  We are working on providing you with nutritionals of your personalized drink. Please bear with us  while we build this complicated database.

I have allergies, how do your vendors process these drinks? 

Peanuts, other nuts, dairy, soy, wheat/gluten & other common allergens are used at the shops that supply your customized drink. Although we strive to keep these items separate, it is impossible to guarantee that your Frazy creation will be free of these ingredients.  

Are any of your flavors sugar-free?  

You have the freedom to customize the sweetness level of your drinks.  Just select “No Sugar” during your drink customization selection process.  However, please note that your ingredient customizations (like syrups, fruit, etc.) may add sugar to your final selection.